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Young Children’s Center for the Arts of Philadelphia, PA is offering an all-online program with a curriculum focused on the creative arts.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic we have developed a virtual Art program for preschool aged children.

Participation in our online Art program is open to members of the YCCA Online program.

Art Program Description

YCCA Online Art Program is designed to develop learning and listening skills used in all learning situations, such as communication and concentration.

Through an understanding and appreciation of art your child’s world unfolds into a universe of possibilities including:

  • Art fosters accomplishment were children feel satisfaction and self-confidence through their creations
  • Art enhances the joy of learning
  • Group art sessions develops social maturity
  • Expressing individual tastes in art, strengthens self-awareness and self-assertion
  • Praise and group support build self-confidence, which is essential to a child’s growth

Art appreciation is for children from __ to __ years of age.

Classes are inclusive and we welcome all children, regardless of abilities or disabilities.